Stoke Gigs Clubnight

That’s right – we’re embarking on our very first clubnight!

As your source of local entertainment and events, it only makes sense that we should hold our very own showcase to bring you what we consider to be some of the very best acts from the local area.

Dead Radio Society

Our first act of the night is Dead Radio Society, a Folk Rock band from Keele. The band comprises of Sam Hayler, Romas Masteika, Ed Moseley and Matt Tyrer.

Band Bio

“Sam liked to play the guitar and groom his beard. He also liked to play other strange things. He made his own music and people enjoyed it. It was calming. But inside he knew he wanted to make rock. Matt also very much liked to play the guitar, and his beard was voluminous. He made catchy tunes that people could whistle while walking down a street. But he needed people to play with. He needed the excitement of rock. (He was needy). Sam and Matt met and found that they liked to make music together. Ed liked to play bass. But bass is not a thing that should be heard by itself. it makes people go away. he made friends with Matt and Sam. They both wanted to make rock. They let Ed join the rock-making even though he could grow no beard. Romas is a drummer. He turned up one day and never left. The others do not complain. He can rock well.”

Tracks to listen to


Misery Guts

You’ll like them if you like….

White Lies

Joy Division

Rebel Symphony

Our headline act Rebel Symphony take to the stage as our headliners from Stoke. You may remember the lads from their previous incarnations of The Rough Charm, New English Social and more recently The Boothen. The band comprises of Will Abercrombie, Luke Potter, Danny Nixon and Ashley Leese.

Band Bio

“This is our new adventure. No more lad rock. You only get one chance to shine, take it.”

Tracks to listen to



You’ll like them if you like….

The Strokes


Finally DJ duties lie with Pulse, a local duo comprising of Dan Evans and his brother. They play everything and anything, and will even play the odd request if they’re asked nicely!

The clubnight takes place at Fat Cat Cafe Bar in Hanley from 9pm on Monday 7th June. Entry is just £3, so come along and support the local music scene!

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About Stoke Gigs
A local site promoting local talent - and everything the local scene has to offer, from bands, comedians and venues.

4 Responses to Stoke Gigs Clubnight

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  3. Keef says:

    Looks Like Stoke Has A Lot To Offer – Stoke Bands Network Is Another Website For Local Musicians And Artists To Meet Chat And Showcase Their Acts – Stoke Bands Network Are Planning To Release An Album – Anyone Interested Can Have A Track Included – As Long As It Is Original.

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