Twenty Ten Live

To celebrate 100 years of Stoke On Trent, local radio station, Signal One, have organised a massive free pop event.

Twenty Ten Live will feature live performances from former X Factor runner up Diana Vickers along with The Hoosiers, Craig David, and many more to be announced.

Organisers have confirmed that there will be 10,000 tickets up for grabs, which fans will have to register for on the official Twenty Ten website, from 8am on Monday 24th May.

The free event will take place on Saturday 19th June 2010 at Hanley Park from 12 noon.

The city council is appealing for businesses who would like to sponsor the event to come forward, and the organisers are looking for potential partners.


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One Response to Twenty Ten Live

  1. brian cox says:

    i just wanted to say a fantastic event , however i feel compelled to say next time vet your caterers for bloody fraud , people of stoke get awarded free tickets to enjoy a day in the park and are then subjected to £ 3:00 chips and then a £ 1:00 for a squeeze of sauce, i hope they were donating to a local charity on those stalls but i feel next year they may return to rip people off what a shame. i am no victor meldrew but remember Hanley is a far cry from london. please keep it real for an area that has taken a huge whopping on job losses…..

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