Jazz and Blues Festival Guide

This weekend the legendary Jazz and Blues Festival hits Newcastle Under Lyme. Click below to read our gig guide to what’s on this weekend throughout the city.


The Old Brown Jug features several bands today. First up is The Coffin Dodgers from 1pm. Following them are the delightful Coachmakers Five at 3:30pm. Finally Boat Band Louisiana Blues headline the venue from 6:00pm. For ticket prices and details, contact the venue on 01782 711393.

Alternatively Blakey’s Wine Bar host Ken Warrilow and Sylvana from 9:00pm. Entrance is free. Contact the venue on 01782 617585 for more information.

At the Full Moon there’s live music galore as the Happy Sundays take to the stage at 5:00pm. Headliners Quiver play from 7:30pm, with DJ Hushmore playing from 9:30pm until late. Entrance to the venue is free.

At The Museum Inn, Steve Hayes and Les Hunt play from 9:00pm. Entrance is free. For details call the venue on 01782 623866.


On Sunday The Wine Vaults kick things off starting with the Shindiggers at 1:00pm. Next up are Nanateas from 4:00pm, and headlining the venue are A Thousand Wild Flowers from 8:30pm. Entrance is free all day, contact the venue on 01782 711393 with any queries.

The Rigger kick off their festival celebrations at 2:00pm, with their Youth Explosion, an open mic for youngsters with a Blues twist. Then at 9:00pm, House on Fire play from 9:00pm. Entry to the venue is £2.50 per day and includes return.

The Old Brown Jug hosts the Climax Blues Band from 3:00pm. Entrance to the gig is £7.00. The Hamsters play at 9:00pm and tickets are £10.00 contact the venue on 01782 711393 for tickets and availability.

Hector Garcia’s hosts Giro Junkie from 6:30pm, and Stonewashed Blues Band from 6:00pm. Entrance is free.

At The Full Moon, The Temple Hudson Experience plays from 3:30pm. Next to the stage are Pete Frampton and the Escape Committee from 5:45pm, and headlining the venue is Cry Baby and the Hoochie Coochie Boys. Wrapping things up is Jason Lockett’s Open Mic Night. Entrance is free.

Sarah Miller and Dan Machin play The Museum Inn at 2:00pm. Then at 5:00pm Night Sessions play, followed by Jim Kirkpatrick and Chris Cook from 9:00pm. Entrance is free.

At Ikon One Room House kick off proceedings from 4:00pm, followed by Underground Jam at 9:00pm. Entrance is free.

The Shufflekings play Revolution at 4:00pm, followed by Matrix Club Mix at 8:00pm. For prices and details contact the venue on 01782 628920.


On Monday Mick Gilker and Paul Matthews play Blakey’s Wine Bar from 12:00pm, followed by Night Sessions at 2:00pm, Lee Jones at 4:00pm, Groove Mood at 6:00pm and The Barflys from 8:45pm. Entry is Free.

The Sport kick things off at The New Wine Vaults from 1:30pm, with the Dirk Diggler’s Blues Revue at 7:00pm, and The Moondogs headline at 8:00pm. Entry is free.

At The Rigger, Bill Daison Band play The Rigger from 2:00pm, Bearfoot play at 6:00pm and Elvis Fontenot and The Sugarbees headline from 9:00pm. Entry is £2.00 a day.

Steve Hayes and Les Hunt play The Blackfriar from 2:00pm with Bearfoot headlining at 4:00pm. Entry is £1.

Kyle Eastwood (son of Clint) and his band play The Old Brown Jug from 3:00pm. Entrance is £15.00.

Texas Hurricane start off the proceedings at The Full Moon from 3:30pm, followed by Dave Cotterill and the States at 6:00pm and Dave Day’s Lockdown headlining at 8:30pm. Entry is free.


Bringing the Jazz and Blues festival to the end is Courtney Pine who plays The New Vic on Tuesday from 7:30pm. For details of ticket prices and availability call the venue on 01782 717962.


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