Oxjam Music Event Organisers Wanted

What is Oxjam?

Oxjam is a music festival made up of hundreds of events around the UK in October. Oxjam events are organised by people who know and love your local music scene. All in aid of Oxfam. Since 2006, more than 36,000 musicians have played to an audience of over 750,000 people at almost 3,000 Oxjam events, raising in excess of £1 million to fight poverty around the world.

Organise your own Oxjam music event
Throw a party, go busking, hold a club night, ‘tag’ on to an existing event, get sponsored, or organise a public event, Oxjam is for all types of music event, from dubstep to disco, from pop to punk, from classical to country!”

Months of activity. Hours of euphoria. A lifetime of difference.

Feel the buzz of organising your own music event for Oxfam and be part of the UK’s biggest festival line-up

Sign up to be an Oxjam Music Event Organiser where you live and make your ideas a reality. We can’t wait to hear from you. Apply now!

To obtain an Oxjam toolkit and to find out how you can help email us at stokegigs@hotmail.com or volunteer.oxjamstoke@gmail.com

Read more about Stoke Gigs and our involvement in the festival here.


About Stoke Gigs
A local site promoting local talent - and everything the local scene has to offer, from bands, comedians and venues. https://stokegigs.wordpress.com

2 Responses to Oxjam Music Event Organisers Wanted

  1. floyd says:

    I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

  2. Oliver Clews says:

    Im In! 😀
    Really looking forward to it!

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