Spamalot, Regent Theatre – 02/08/2010

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Having collected our tickets, and our complimentary can of Spam, we were suitably excited.

Off to a slow start the story follows King Arthur and his quest to assemble Knights to sit at his very, very, very round table, and then of course to find the holy grail.

About ten minutes in, however, we’re treated to our very first Python-esq exchange involving a discussion about Swallows and how they would manage to carry a coconut during migration.

From this point onwards the enigmatic show pulls and pushes various plots from all directions, including a quest to find shrubbery, an encounter with ‘The Knights Who Say Nee’, King Arthur attempting to put on a musical, a hilarious exchange at a French Castle and even a gay marriage.

With nods to former Phython works including The Life Of Brian and The Holy Grail, the night is about as ridiculous as you can get, while being remarkably funny, intelligent and downright silly.

While we’re at it, don’t let the fact that it’s a musical blindside your judgement! Remember Eric Idle was one of the primary writers for the show, so expect everything from ‘He Is Not Dead Yet’ to ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life‘.

A play that will literally have you rolling in the isles with laughter, it’s an absolute must see for any Monty Python fan.

Spamalot, the latest musical brainchild from Eric Idle and John Du Prez is playing at The Regent Theatre until 7th August 2010.

By Lyndsey Oliver


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