Dragon Square Fundraiser – Bearfoot & The Rough Kuts

Dragon Square Fundraiser – Bearfoot & The Rough Kuts

August 6th 2010

Bearfoot are one of those bands that seem to pop up at a multitude of events all over the area, but have seemingly managed to evade my watchful eye on the local music scene. It seems quite unbelievable that I have never actually had the chance to catch their fantastic live show until today, so given the opportunity to catch them at a very worthwhile charity event, and supporting my favourite band and local ska heroes The Rough Kuts, I very nearly snapped the organisers hand off at £3.50 each.

Bearfoot play a fantastic selection of “good old” rhythm and blues tunes. Some very familiar and clearly aimed at crowd participation and some that I have never heard before, which is a nice change from hearing those evergreen songs that all the local bands seem to play in the pubs and clubs.

They did however, play two songs for The Blues Brothers movie, but I can sort of forgive them for this, being that they were the two best songs from a very popular film, the fantastic “Sweet home Chigao” and “Everybody needs somebody to love.” You cannot really help to join in with these songs at the best of times, and the addition of a mouth organ, fiddle and tambourine urging you to sing along and dance, it gives you a good excuse to drop your musical snobbery “if only for a moment” and just enjoy the sound of good musicians playing music that they clearly enjoy playing to an audience.

The songs played were delivered by some very accomplished musicians I must add, and they clearly know their craft well. I particularly found the addition of a fiddle player to the band to be a very good move, and it really set them apart from a lot of the other similar line-ups that I have seen play on the scene in Stoke On Trent.

Bearfoot were not afraid to leave the comfort zone of the stage and at times were meandering around the tables and dance floor to engage the audience directly and urge them into their musical world. This included them standing on the tables and dancing with themselves and the crowd, which is possibly a routine that they have learned from their many nights hosting the open-mic nights at The Rigger in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The Rigger is their regular haunt apparently, and possibly the reason that I have not seem them play until today. I will strive to see Bearfoot again sometime, and on the strength of the performance today I would encourage you “the reader” to do the same.

The event raised £400 for the Dragon Square Unit in Chesterton, which provides respite care for children diagnosed with severe learning difficulties and complex health needs.

Review by Stephen Harvey


About Steve
I am a musician, author and poet. I am also a former professional B-Boy and a honorary member of the British B-Boy Association. I am currently concentrating on writing for many online publications and magazines including Stoke Gigs, Visit Burslem and Stoke Sounds.

2 Responses to Dragon Square Fundraiser – Bearfoot & The Rough Kuts

  1. jacqie says:

    i had the opportunity to see these guys while out with friends on may bank holiday in newcastle, i must say we paid to see other bands that we were not really impressed with during the music festival, but we happened upon these in a local newcastle pub ( the old bulls head) we did not have to pay and i must say they were awsome , there music is varied and you cannott help but sing and dance along, a must see for all music lovers ,gauranteed a cracking night out , thanks for a brilliant night bearfoot, hope to see more of you soon, jacqie xx

  2. Fresh says:


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