Stoke’s Last Wrongpop Arrives!

So this is it boys and girls… this is not a drill!

The very last Wrongpop has arrived and this is your chance to make history.

As a massive thank you to all you supporters organiser Stephen Clarke is making the entry completely free so there’s absolutely no excuse for missing what’s going to be the biggest and best Wrongpop EVER.


…Take equal measures of disco funk and nooding math rock, mix it up with a pinch of angular intricate geetar and this beautiful bunch of fellas is the result. Kicking off the party vibes couldn’t be done in a better way.


One of the best live bands to have come out of Stokeland, fact. Screams and harmonies over a sea of crashing bass and drums, with layers of frentic fret fingerwork inbetween. Gets better every time.


Wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t any pure rock action now would there? Good job these 3 fellas are up for it then. Awesome superneo-prog rifftastic rock!


Tim and Jonny Part Chimp return as “Italo-kraut robo-wrong doings from the Netherlands” Massively distorted vocals with heavy synth and drums to stretch that smile on your face even further.

Wouldn’t be the same without the amazing beaker & co spinning vinyl inbetween bands and until 1am. Drink offers and great company too, come and pay ya respects and let’s finish it off in style.


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One Response to Stoke’s Last Wrongpop Arrives!

  1. Photos and videos from the last Wrongpop can be found on my website…

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