The Escape play The Box

Crewe‘s indie saviours, The Escape, play their first headline show at The Box on Friday May 6.

The five-piece have gone from strength-to-strength since making their debut in 2010 harnessing a growing fanbase taken in by their danceble anthems and unpredictable live shows.

In a word, The Escape are pure entertainment – highly watchable and delivering the kind of perfect indie pop that won’t leave your head for days after.

If you haven’t caught Matthew Percival (vocals), Al Lyes (lead guitar), Ben Kaye (guitar/vocals), Mark Jones (bass) and Jake Forrester (drums), you may be missing out.

Flamboyant frontman Matt said: “I guess Indie music has gone quieter if you look at the charts. But we’re just going to roll with it.

“If we can supply people with good music and people have a good time at our gigs, it’s all good.”

With gigs in Manchester and across the region over the next few months, The Escape look well-placed to make a move to the next level.

Matt added: “We all feel like we’ve come a long way over the past 12 months.

“I remember our first-ever gig at The Box like it was yesterday. Al and me had never been in a band before but we kick-started it and the reaction we’ve all had has been phenomenal.

BBC Introducing have been in touch with us recently and it seems like everyone who has listened has enjoyed our stuff.

“We always like to stick around after gigs and talk to people and the feedback has been great.”

Returning to the scene of the debut, The Escape face their first headline slot at The Box this Friday.

“It will be one hell of a show,” continued Percival.

“We’ve had loads of local support and we appreciate it.

“We started off at The Box and now we’re coming back to headline which we’re all buzzing about.”

The Escape will be supported by the freshly-formed Rescue and Not Penny’s Boat, along with Cheshire-based ska outfit King Sherman.

Doors open at 8pm. Tickets are £5.


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