Cloud 9 Opens Voting

Your local music festivalCloud 9, have opened their doors to one lucky local band. With just one remaining slot open, organisers are giving the public the last word on who gets to play, as voting opens on the Road To Cloud 9, battle of the bands competition.

So who should your vote go to? We take a look at some of the runners below.

Joey Shush

“If The Smiths, Throwing Muses and 6/4 time signature had an orgy in 4AD records’ head quarters, that is what Joey Shush sounds like.”


“Fieldhouse are a five-piece AltRock band from Liverpool. They’re chiefly interested in making sophisticated music that will make you think and toe tap in equal measure. Taking influences from Elbow’s majestic romance, punchy AltRock sensibilities from Radiohead and the great songwriters like Paul Simon, Damon Alban, and Jeff Buckley, they create atmospheres in their songs which audiences of their early gigs have called ‘epic’, ‘touching’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘bold’. They’re certainly not afraid to push the boundaries of their songs, daring to go to the edge but always remaining true to structure, dynamics, control and melody.”

The Escape

“A self made 5 piece, slightly indulging 5 personalities into one musical genre, thus creating the estrange and rightfully known band called “The Escape”.”

Streaming Lights

“Streaming Lights are a three piece Alternative/Indie/Pop band originally from Hull, UK. Band members include Steve Minns (Guitar/Vocals), Ryan Gibbins (Bass/Vocals) and Chris Flynn (Drums/Vocals). Pioneers of their own breed of high energy, fast paced guitar based Indie/Pop, they are currently touring around the UK at various towns and cities.”

Shatter Effect

“An alternative rock band from the UK. Members include Rebecca Davies, Guy Longstaff, Robin Davies, Ricky Hill and Stu Homer.”

Hot BEAT Repeat

“The HOT BEAT REPEAT sound has been described as “energetic dance beats awash with multi-layered pop/rock melodies”. Established in early 2011, the band are Andrew Jameson (Guitar/Vox) & Alex Godfrey (Drums/Samples).”

“Hot Vestry are an Experimental Rock band from Macclesfield, England. They formed in 2009 and have played all around the north-west, including several venues in Manchester, most recently, Club Academy. The trio’s success is even more impressive when taken into account there age, all three are just 16. The bands enigmatic and energetic performances haven’t gone un-noticed and have won the band much deserved praise.”

Disco Nasties

”Little Bit Sorry pings with jittering guitar, youthful exuberance, a cracked structure and a chorus that puts an arm tightly around you and pulls you into the mosh pit…Disco Nasties are the zippy funsters you’d expect them to be, and more.”

The Retrospective

“We are The Retrospective, a 3 piece from Crewe, Cheshire. Pop rock with a hint of summer, music you can dance to, or at least we hope you can!”

Kill The Doctor

“Kill The Doctor are a Garage punk, alternative, neo-grunge band from Crewe, Cheshire. Their influences include Pulled Apart By Horses, Biffy Clyro and Dinosaur Pile-Up, and they currently have a number of gigs coming up in Stoke and Manchester.”


“We started out as a university band for a performance module. Since then we have had 12 different line-ups and have played everywhere in Scarborough from Uni:on to Beached to John Peel sessions at Vivaz.”

The Cigs

“The Cigs are a Funk / Rock / Rockabilly band from Congelton, Cheshire. Their Influences include Small Faces, James Brown, The Strokes and Rolling Stones.”


“We was borned, read the alphabet via soup, learnt some words, strung them together with Jordans geetar parts and made a song about a mouse that scared Brads mum one time in 97. It wasn’t that mighty but we were high on Chewits and thought it was Bear Grylls. No lie.”

So what are you waiting for? Vote for your favourtie artist now!


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