City Event Organisers Skydive to boost Festival Funds

Organisers of a city-centre music festival are to skydive from 15000 feet this Friday to help pay for the event to go ahead.

Piccadilly Circus, a music and arts community festival in Hanley, is in its third year and will take place on Saturday with minimal funding. So far £300 has been raised from the local authority and the rest has had to be found by festival organisers Matt Taylor and Sarah Smith.

Matt Taylor said:
“We have had to do raffles, we raised money at the street party we put on for the Royal Wedding, and we are now doing a skydive which we paid for ourselves to try and bridge the gap between what we have and what it’ll cost to put the event on.

“Last year we spend over £3000 in expenses and we paid ourselves nothing for the weeks of work we we put into it.

“I am grateful that in a time when cuts are happening across the board, we have still managed to get a small contribution from the ward councillors.

“I think it is an event for the whole community, and it’s free, so I think it deserves the support of the authority.”

This year, Matt and Sarah, of non-profit organisation Inspired Events have teamed up with local gallery The Exchange to make their event an even bigger success.

An Arts Market run by The Exchange arts project, based in the Cultural Quarter of the city centre, will take place alongside the festival on the same day.

Piccadilly Circus is a 12 hour marathon of music and arts and features a long list of local bands and musicians, theatre and dance performances from amateur dramatic companies and high schools, as well as street entertainment and refreshments in the form of a beer tent and a hog-roast.

The festival has been very successful in the past. But this year, with the partnership with the Arts Market, it is hoped even more people will benefit from the event.

Matt Taylor, aged 35, said:

“Piccadilly Circus has attracted 1000s of people over the last two years and as well as providing a free city-centre music festival, it gives businesses in Hanley a much-needed boost.

“It is a free music festival, with something for pretty much everyone. It’s family friendly, and has music styles that will appeal to different of people of different ages, from different backgrounds. We have a line-up of top local bands which will bring in their own crowds as well as entertain the people who come for the day out.

“The Arts Market will add to the cultural feel, and we hope this year to attract not only 1000s of music and arts fans from the city, but also to reach out to many for whom going to such events is a novelty. And as it’s a free event, so there’s no reason for people to stay away.”

Sarah Smith, a local drama teacher, plans the theatre and dance performances. She added:
“We’re really up for it this year. We’re even doing a sponsored parachute jump to raise money for the costs of the event.

“After the success of the last two years, we’ve got theatre companies lining up to be involved, and we have some fun activities up our sleeves like an interactive Zumba demonstration!”
Piccadilly Circus 2011 will take place on July 2 from 11am to 11pm.
For more information, or to get involved, contact Matt at


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