Advertised as a ‘jam with a difference’ Marmalade at the New Vic in Basford proved to be exactly ‘as it says on the tin’ or jar in this case. The concept is musicians from all sorts of backgrounds producing a sound that is both original and 100% Stoke.

On my visit their was an upright piano, didgeridoo, a plethora of assorted drums and percussion instruments, violinist, acoustic guitars, saxophone, mouth organ, vocalists (including singing, spoken word and rapping) and a big screen pumping out various images to both induce and inspire the musical creations.

It most certainly was like nothing I have ever been to before and I was soon welcomed in and urged to pick up an instrument and ‘have a go’ Being a bit of a novice and of a nervous disposition musically I decided on shakers (because they looked the easiest) and they were the closest.

The group was very welcoming and best of all FREE to take part.

The group runs every Monday from 7:30 until 10 pm at the rear of the New Vic Theatre

Contact for more details


About Steve
I am a musician, author and poet. I am also a former professional B-Boy and a honorary member of the British B-Boy Association. I am currently concentrating on writing for many online publications and magazines including Stoke Gigs, Visit Burslem and Stoke Sounds.

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