> Lyndsey Oliver

Lyndsey Oliver is a 25 year old freelance music journalist living, working and partying in Stoke On Trent.

She has work published for the likes of the BBC, The Mirror, The Star, Virtual Festivals and many other independent sites.

As well as this she is the creator and face behind local music site Stoke Gigs, is a regular contributor to Creative Boom Stoke and also provides copy for The Sentinel Newspaper as well as a weekly gig guide column.

She has recently also got involved with local music festival Oxjam, and is now the volunteer coordinator for the Stoke leg of the UK’s biggest music festival.

All this, and she’s just finished her degree in Music Journalism and Broadcasting at Staffordshire University with first class honours!

> Brian Oliver

Brian Oliver is a 29 year old freelance photographer from Stoke On Trent.

His passion is live music, and he loves to photograph live events.

Brian’s previous work has included photographing major music festivals as well as live gigs in and around the Staffordshire area.

Most of his work can be seen on Wristband4festivals as well as on Stoke Gigs.

> Tracey Green

Tracey is to us, what Carol Vorderman is to Countdown, number cruncher, ideas lady, all around helper and the sensible one in any conversation.

While being a passionate fan of  music, she enjoys the odd gig or two, and loves nothing more than the local scene.

Tracey is hoping to go along to a lot more local gigs this year, naming her ambition as just one a week – an easy mission surely?

> Miles Caston

Miles Caston is a 23 year-old Music Journalism and Broadcasting student and musician, currently living in Stoke-on-Trent.

He has been a performing drummer for around eight years, attending both Access To Music and British Academy of Modern Music, where he was part of many bands and ensembles.

Now at Staffordshire University, he aims to persevere with both his writing skills, and radio broadcasting techniques. He loves going to gigs and takes full advantage of being directly honest in all of his gig reviews.

When not working towards his degree, he is eagerly searching for a serious band that wants to perform, write and record regularly – rock n’ roll all the way!

> Stephen Harvey

Stephen is the brain child of Stoke Bands Network.

He is a local rapper, former B-Boy. Stephen provides us with reviews and news on a regular basis.

He has set up his own site over at


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