Stoke Gigs presents Oxjam Festival

Here in Staffordshire we’re as charitable as the next city of music lovers, and to prove it we’re taking part in Oxjam Festival 2010.

Incase you didn’t know anything about Oxjam, Stoke Gigs are here to guide you through the principle of the festival, and who and what it’s about.

Oxjam is Oxfam’s largest music event and the UK’s biggest ever festival. See it’s a festival with a difference; you need to get involved to make it happen. Every year hundreds of music lovers like you, get involved by organizing your own local music events all across the UK throughout the month of October. The proceeds from these events go to Oxfam to help fight poverty and improve the lives of the world’s poorest people.

This year Stoke on Trent are taking part, and the festival is set to be the biggest event to hit the area. The Oxjam Festival has been given the go ahead for Stoke and will have more than 100 acts to be held over 10 venues around the Stoke On Trent/Newcastle under Lyme area over a weekend in October.

The event promises to be massive, and ALL money raised goes straight into Oxfam, a confederation of 14 organisations working with over 3,000 partners in around 100 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice.

Oxjam are looking for talented people to help with all aspects of the event, from bands to venues. If you can help, contact the site’s Facebook page.

Meanwhile the first line-up announcement has been made, in no particular order the bands who will be making an appearance are:

Cutout Dreamers

“An Indie/Alternative trio from Stoke-On-Trent. The band consists of bassist and singer Jack Whitehurst, guitarist Eddy Hollinshead and drummer Alex Gould. Banging out tunes since 2008 where they formed in a garage and made their way up the gigging ladder by playing various venues in and out of Staffs and Cheshire such as The Sugarmill, The Box, Old Brown Jug, The Underground as well as having starred in a battle of the bands at The Gatehouse Theatre. The band are currently producing their new E.P. ‘Your The Innovator.’ “

The Boothen

“Formed in late 09, after various previous projects (Rough Charm, New English Social among others), we are ‘The Boothen’, hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, the plan is to get BIG, if all fails we’ll make sure that the ride is a memorable one.”


“We’re a band who are here to enjoy ourselves and we just love to have a laugh. We’ve been going for about two years now, just banging out tunes in the factory we practice in. Listen to our stuff and come watch us if you like it.”

Lianne Grocott


“Seers were born in the pubs & clubs of North Staffordshire in the early 21st Century. Seers play high energy, rock & roll/power pop. Seers live to play live.”

The Rivalry

“Born, school, meet, guitars, drums, gigs, football, women, camping, tits, off it, pissed, fighting, jail, work shit, music, tunes, MONUMENTAL!!! The life so far… you write the rest.”

Sherry Counsellors

“Chris -guitar and vox Keith -vox Rob -bass Matt -guitar Christian -drums”

Zazu Tribals

“Mix a little bit of Arabic movements, a pinch of gypsy traditions, a lot of dancing and swaying and chanting, some exotic costumes, and two dozen feisty women – and what you have got?  Answer: Zazu”

Trent Valley Tribals

Friends Of Ken

“friends of ken (fr-ends ov ken) n. 1. a mish-mash of alternative-garage-punk-rock which produces a fast, raw sound with huge choruses and big melodies.”

Slow Readers Club

“This is the sound of a dark relentless power built on danceable rock and unforgettable tunes – more is to come and from a set where every memorable track causes involuntary dancing…is this the future of dancefloor indie rock?”

The Smoking Kills

“Transcending the bleakness, The Smoking Kills light up the venue like a distress flare, emerging from the darkness in a whirlwind of sound and light.”


“Mark Shent – Lead Vocals  Jumperdave – Guitar, Vocals  Joe – Bass  Mole – Drums”

Logic & Simplicity

“Hello viewers I’m Richard Stanley. Logic & Simplicity is what I’ve decided to call my solo music. I am not sure what genre I fall under or if I want to fall under a genre at all. I like all music, so I want to make all music, but if anyone wants to understand my music, most of it involves simplistic beats mixed with happy lead lines and clips from such things as, famous speeches, to cartoon sound clips. I am working on my first album at the moment and attending Keele University studying Music technology. I hope you like my music, if so – great, if not – well you’re probably not reading this anyway, so peace out and come to the gigs.”


“Live House Music, Stoke-on-Trent, Come listen :)”

Sweet Tooth

“Sweet tooth originally formed in the summer of 1997. Toured with moonska bands [spunge] and Whitmore in the late 90’s plus part tours with Lightyear and slow gherkin. played gigs with the pilfers, link 80, the roughkutz, Jeffries fan club, king prawn, lubby nugget, evil macaroni, douglas + loads of others. Favourite venues played, The Civic hall – wolverhampton, The Victoria inn – Derby, Rock city – Nottingham, The Crown – Worcester, The porter butt – Bath [trailor park trash indoor festival]. Were in many mags and fanzines in the late 90’s early naughtys including metal hammer and kerrang. Releases : Saturday night in the skank tank [1999] Kids of the new wave [2001] compilations : Helping you back to work volume 4 [lockjaw records] Know your skalphabet [Good clean fun records] Monkey see, monkey spank [monkey spank records] Reformed on April 13th 2009 after an 8 and a half-year break, reunion gig is Saturday 12th september [check gig listings] and studio time planned. Thanks for reading, hopefully see you soon.”

Mr Will

“The creative talent behind the hugely successful musical outreach programme ‘Planet Sound Community Arts’, William Sherratt assigns much of the credit for his singular approach to the composition and playing music to his mixed race background.”

Andy Welsh

“Hey all, I’m ARCADRIVE – or Andy, whichever. I am a mixture of 8 bit and drum and bass, but let’s make it easy and say electronica. I’m an Abletist; I play my music live using Ableton. Bit crazy but it works.
All vocals etc. are the work of me. A lot of what you hear will have been time spent sitting in front of a Macbook going mad with some soft synths. But to be honest, I tend to always come back to mono-synths or that square wave sound, gives it an 8 bit feel.”


“The Razorbax debut album “Something To Believe In” is set for release on the 15th March, largely regarded as possibly one of the most important debut album releases in the last 30 years.

Championed by legions of devoted local fans and an ever increasing national and international fan base, along with the band utilising social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter they recently saw their debut single Wake Up Wake Up go straight to the top of the Overplay chart.

The Razorbax are Leigh Bucknall, Louis Bowen, Jack Perry and James Kitchen, who could just turn out to be one of the most revolutionary and important bands of the last 30 years…..”


“Once described as “Failing to live up to our own low standards”, we’re all about keeping our standards as low as possible. If your an enemy of the BNP or the EDL, your a friend of ours. If your looking for a band that center-right media will (and has) cut out, a band that isn’t up for “I’m a fucking rock star, look at me go in Kerrang!”, you may of just found what your looking for. Fuck the pricks selling off our way of life, our music, our identities. This goes for the cheap channels and publications too, their still doing it, just with lower overheads. Home made alternative media is the way forward, Check out Mass Movement Magazine to see what we mean.”

Devil Down

“In the heart of Stoke-on-Trent flies the flag of heavy metal five piece DEVIL DOWN. In a quest to set their sound apart from the “fad metal” bands around everywhere they strive to push the boundaries of the genre to one side for a clear run up the Metal Mountain. The pure gritty riffs that appear early in the music really carve the way forward for the thumping drums and damn right aggressive double sided vocal attack giving the listener one violent mix that keeps striking back again and again with an occasional splash of melody to create a full sound that you usually don’t find in their area.”

Trash Love Affair

“Trash Love Affair formed from the ashes of various bands, projects and apathetic attitudes and the basic desire to get out of the house and play live rock n’ roll. The members collectively hauled their sorry asses off the floor and away from a diet of Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity…, Shipwrecked and Wife Swap, magazines such as Heat, Hello, OK! and a whole of lot of pornography to form a band. The discovery of Channel 4 On Demand nearly fucked the whole thing up…but it didn’t.”

Richard Dutton

“Richard Dutton is leading the pack as an exciting new performer, writes his own enigmatic songs, sings them in his own inimitable style, it’s a privilege to work with such a brimming talent, his originality knows no bounds. “


“The best band (n)ever to be seen on TV”



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