Stoke Gigs presents Save Our Scene

Stoke Gigs presents Save Our Scene


The site was re-opened on May 19th after a facelift. We continue to offer our support to the local website and everything it’s doing for the area.


For those in the know, the Stoke Bands Network has become the place for local artists to be. Not only can they add videos and music to the site, but they can also chat on forums, find gigs, book gigs, and much more.

More than 290 artists signed up to the site since it’s birth 12 months ago.

Stephen Harvey, who used to promote hip-hop nights at the Fat Cat Cafe Bar in Hanley, said: “We did gigs all over the place but sometimes it could be quite difficult to find places to play. Now bands can use the network to discuss venues. We’ve got everyone from folk bands to cover bands and singers. Everyone is welcome.”

But now Stephen, creator of the site, is faced with the tough decision to close the site down saying, “It’s being hosted on the ning network which has decided to start charging.”

Initially Stephen set up a section where people could pledge money, hoping that the 300 strong users would donate the money, to keep the site going saying, “£1 a year per band would cover it and this could be done through Paypal quite easily.”

However, people didn’t pledge, the local music scene deciding to turn it’s back on the very place that helped them make it in the first place, and the result? “I’ve decided to close the site down, it’s not worth the hassle anymore, I can’t cope with the low enthusiasm to save it from the people it benefits.”

It’s another dark day for the local music scene as even more grassroots sites are being forced to close and some bands shunning the area they came from in the hope of hitting the big time else where.

However with the help of Lyndsey Oliver, creator of Stoke Gigs, a local music community website and music columnist for The Sentinel, and now the team at Creative Boom Stoke, there’s a last spark of hope for the site. Donation buttons are now live and active on both the Stoke Bands Network and Stoke Gigs websites, and more fundraising efforts are in the pipelines.

Join Stoke Gigs campaign to save local music and show your support.

By Lyndsey Oliver

Save Our Scene! Donation buttons are now up on and – Donate and help to try to keep the website alive. All contributions are non returnable and a GIFT to the Stoke Music Scene


4 Responses to Stoke Gigs presents Save Our Scene

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  2. stephen harvey says:

    Thanks for the support from Stoke gigs.

  3. stokegigs says:

    It’s not too late to save your scene! Email and we’ll send you details of how you can donate to keep Stoke Bands Network alive!

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