Stoke Gigs presents The English

Maybe you were a fan of The Boothen? or was it New English Social that rocked your world? Perhaps it was The Rough Charm or maybe you remember them as Rebel Symphony?

Whatever you knew them as, the previous band names, and line ups, were mere dress rehearsals for the real deal. These days Will Abercrombie and co. are known as The English, and it looks this time as though the band have finally settled down and found their niche.

With a brand new line up, featuring Dan Colton on bass, Lee Haywood on guitar and a return from Ashley Leese on the drums, you’d be forgive for not recognising their new sound on first play. However, after a couple of listens, specifically to their new track Dead White Town, it becomes clear that the old influences are still prominent. From Will’s ever heartfelt lyrics, to the steady crescendo of guitars, the track works its way up to nothing short of a quiet masterpiece.

So what next for The English? Well they’ve already bagged themselves a debut slot at local festival, Rug Fest on 22nd July, as well as a return to The Underground on 29th July, and the hard work doesn’t stop there. The boys have worked tirelessly to promote their tracks on Soundcloud as well as building a strong reputation via their Facebook page as well as producing their own videos via YouTube and constantly working hard with promoters and fans alike to secure even more bookings at even more venues.

Stoke Gigs have championed The English, throughout their eventful past, from our reviews to interviews, as well as having had the band showcase at our own clubnight.

From all the team at Stoke Gigs we would like to wish the band the very best of luck in the future, and look forward to seeing them at a venue near you in the very near future!

The English are currently looking for promoters and venues for future bookings. If you would be interested in booking the band then please email them directly.


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