Stoke Gigs presents The Fortunas

Stoke Gigs were extremely privileged to be offered the chance to tag along with The Fortunas ahead of their gig supporting The Rough Kutz at The Voodoo Lounge in Hanley.

The lads arrived at The Toilets in Stoke at around 1:30pm, and after a short bit of banter and setting up their equipment they literally threw themselves straight into their rehearsal.

Stoke Gigs meanwhile enjoyed the sound quality in the cracking recording studio on some of the comfiest old sofas we’ve ever sat in.

The lads had a total of seven new songs, which they were faced with cutting down to just three, partly to fit into their upcoming 45 minute support slot, and secondly for the E.P. the lads are going into the studio to record this weekend.

After wizzing through their songs guitarist Addison Brown tells us, “this is the hard part, we’ve gotta decide what we’re keeping and what we’re cutting.”

Despite their Indie/Rock persona the boys are completely chilled out, often swapping instruments, having a laugh and playing snippets from The Beatles through to recent chart topper Tinie Tempah.

Supping on a diet Iron Bru it’s ultimately lead singer Elliot Wilcox who is left to decide the set list. We were glad that old favourites ‘Where’s The Glamour’ and The Couteeners cover, ‘Not 19 Forever’ made the final snip.

However we were completely impressed by their new material, and the tracks that made the grade not only exposed the band for the maturer sound that they’ve developed, but also for their appreciation of music as a whole. It wouldn’t really be fair to pigeon hole the band as one that sound like another, because each track takes a completely different direction. One minute you could be listening to Alex Turner and the next Joy Division.

“We’re really excited about the new stuff,” says Addison “and to play with The Rough Kutz, we’re really honoured.”

The last time we were invited to watch The Fortunas was back in October, and unfortunately we weren’t too impressed. Yes, the band have a unique sound, yes the lads were having fun, but after a disaster struck and lyrics were forgotten the whole gig became a shambles/karaoke session which felt more like a private party that we’d gatecrashed, leaving us with a taste of uncomfortableness in our mouths.

Since this date the lads have clearly recognised their talent, and the potential the boys hold in their hands. Their new music not only reinforces their new direction as a far more polished band, but also as an older band. Maturity in terms of music is hard earned, and judging by the lads professionalism, despite averaging just 18, they’ve quickly earned the title of ‘One’s To Watch.’

If you want to find out more about the band visit their Myspace, Facebook, Bebo or official site.


  • Close Your Mind          *NEW TRACK
  • Lost Poetry
  • Your Burning Eyes
  • Crossing Lines              *NEW TRACK
  • Mr Bagguley
  • Nothing To Hide          *NEW TRACK
  • Will You
  • Most Pleasant Feeling
  • Where’s The Glamour
  • Our Eyes Only
  • Not 19 Forever
  • You Are The Lights      *NEW TRACK

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