Stoke Gigs Guide To Gigging on a Budget

With the recession firmly taking it’s hold, many of you are finding it difficult to keep up to date with your favourite bands. With loads of gigs going on in Stoke on a daily basis how can you afford to watch some cracking live music? Easy. Here at Stoke Gigs we’ve thought about it long and hard and come up with an (almost) surefire way to make it to the venue and enjoy the big night out you’d planned, but without pockets full of cash.


Bands don’t suddenly appear at a venue! Check our what’s on guide and watch out for the big night so that you can plan early.


Hand your CV in (sober if you actually want the job) to a venue that hosts regular gigs. They’ll need more staff on busy gig nights, and an extra pair of hands could be welcomed. Not only could you get to watch live music, but you’ll also get paid –result!


Ok, maybe you’re not old enough to work in a bar, or there’s simply no jobs. No worries, check social networking sites regularly for band bulletins looking for street teams or merch sellers. In return for handing out some leaflets and getting autographs on the mail out sheet, you’ll be granted with guest list space.


If you’ve got balls of steel then go for the old school approach. From the old spying a name on the guest list and momentarily changing your identity, to hanging around the tour bus and asking a roadie to get you in, and much more besides. Beware, this isn’t for everyone and by no means guarantees your entry.


Head to the bands website and sign up for newsletters. Often loyal fans are rewarded with pre-sale tickets, lower cost tickets and even intimate gigs. On the other hand you could enjoy gigs from your sofa with sites streaming certain gigs live.


Local media, band sites and everything in between run competitions offering merch and tickets to fans with the quickest finger or the smartest answer. Keep your eyes open and get entering.


Stoke Gigs are always on the look out for talented individuals who have the ability to write and photograph, and want to get their work published. Get in touch and we could secure you a place on the guest list in return for a couple of hundred words.


The only guaranteed way to gain entry however is purchasing tickets. Try to budget and keep money aside every month to put towards them. Remember festival tickets go on sale between February and April, and most big name bands charge £10-£30 a ticket with smaller local bands often playing free gigs or charging up to a modest £5 entry. Keep your eyes peeled for local festivals which provide an excellent opportunity to see tons of bands playing over a couple of days for brilliant value.

With mega tips like these trying to beat your recession blues, you’re guaranteed (almost) to have much more of a musical year.


One Response to Stoke Gigs Guide To Gigging on a Budget

  1. Lea says:

    Fantastic artical on gigging on a budget and most amusing too. Might try the blagg deal next time I can’t afford to buy a ticket.

    Great site, about time we had a site like this in stoke

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