Stoke Gigs Guide To Local Websites

Today at Stoke Gigs we were looking at the internet – crazy eh?

Did you know that there are over 108 million websites out there? Amazing! And did you know there are other websites from the hub of Staffordshire that also do their best to promote the local scene? Hard to believe right?

We thought we’d  put together another one of our handy guides to give you guys the lowdown on some of the best and most useful local websites around.

As always, if we’ve missed you out, get in touch and we’ll get your site added to the list.

> Stoke On Trent Street Culture

Stoke On Trent Street Scene was set up by local rapper and former B-Boy Stephen Harvey, the guy behind the Stoke Bands Network.

His new site follows the local street culture scene in Staffordshire, and has a wealth of information on Northern Soul, Hip Hop, Parkour (that’s free running to you and I), graffiti, and loads of other stuff you probably won’t find anywhere else.

> Stoke Bands Network

The brain child of Stephen Harvey, Stoke Bands Network was opened in 2009. Since then it built a staggering reputation with over 290 bands signing up to the site to showcase music, videos, events and much more.

Stoke Bands Network suffered from the recent decision of Ning (the hosting company) deciding to charge after providing their services for free. This led to the site briefly closing while a facelift was performed. The site has now been re opened, with bands encouraged to sign up again, to the site offering a place for local bands to meet others and jam on webcam… Catchy!

> Creative Stoke

Creative Stoke is the place to be if you’re part of Stoke’s creative community. It boasts a membership of 800+ and has been tipped by BBC Radio Stoke as “A staggeringly enthusiastic and comprehensive website.”

The site itself offers information about courses, events, support and grants, as well as providing news, events, and links to some of the best stuff out there.

> Stoke Sounds

Stoke Sounds is a website that aims to connect and promote the range of talent across Stoke, Staffordshire and Cheshire. It’s run by professional journalists, volunteers and photographers, who collaborate to make a truly outstanding review site.

Not only does the website work tirelessly to bring you reviews and interviews, but the people behind it have also supported some fantastic music events in the city such as the Stoke Sounds Festival as well as being involved with last years one day festival, Piccadilly Circus.

> My Tunstall

My Tunstall lays claim to being Tunstall’s only community led website.

The site is openly available to the people of Tunstall and surrounding areas, and we invite people to discuss local issues, blog, post or read crime alerts, display their images and photos, and contribute to the local Tunstall business and services directory.

> Creative Boom, Stoke

Creative Boom Stoke, is an online regional magazine about the creative industries in Stoke-on-Trent and throughout the whole of Staffordshire, covering everything from fashion, film and photography to art, design, animation and marketing.

A number of contributors post regular news, features and information on Creative Boom Stoke to help creative individuals and businesses throughout Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire to network, secure more work and find out about everything creative that’s happening on their own doorstep.

> BBC Introducing

The BBC is without doubt, one of the worlds most respected and trusted brands. It is for this reason that you can expect some of the best news, reviews and stories regarding the local area, specifically with the local music scene.

BBC Introducing hold a weekly radio show, SubCulture with DJ Rob Adcock, which not only aims to promote local unsigned talent, but regularly plays some of the best local bands, as well as providing gig guides, previews, interviews and live sessions in the studio.


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