Derren Brown, Enigma – The Regent Theatre, 14/05/2010

Derren Brown was back in town last night for another one of his energy fuelled mind bending shows.

For those of you who of yet to see Enigma live, you won’t be disappointed. From start to end Derren displays just why he manages to fill seats in such large venues night after night.

As you’d expect there was plenty of audience interaction, which his tried and tested method of ‘frisbee’ selection. His showmanship and witty dialogue made for a rich show, second to none, going some way to explain just how much work Derren puts into the show behind the scenes. Each story, gag and question is a carefully poised, meticulously planned insight into his love for order, logic, and entertainment.

There was every element you’d expect from one of his shows, from body reading to parlor tricks and perhaps the most spectacluarly, his attempt to put the whole audience into a state of sleep. He even went some way to reveal how several of his tricks were done, while conveying his own passion for debunking psychic myths, as Derren himself quite confidently re-iterates the fact that he’s neither psychic or a mind reader, and that the power of suggestion is one of his most valuable tools.

Without a doubt it’s the final trick of the night that earns his largest collective gasp and well deserved standing ovation.

Stoke Gigs felt honoured to be in his presence, however, we’ve been sworn to secrecy from the big man himself, and can’t really reveal anything else. All we can say is the next time he rolls up in Stoke, we’ll be first in the queue.

By Lyndsey Oliver

Derren Brown’s Enigma continues to show at The Regent Theatre, Hanley until Wednesday 19th May 2010


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