Girls Night Out, The Regent Theatre – 13/07/2010

Arriving in the lobby at The Regent Theatre tonight it’s clear that tonight’s Girls Night Out, for most, the perfect excuse to get together with the ladies. Somewhere between the bar and the front door are two strategically placed St Johns Ambulance volunteers, possibly to attend to the swooning hoard of women who gaggle excitedly at the prospect of seeing some ‘hunks in trunks’ in tonight’s play.

The show has been in production since 1996 based on a concept by Paul Farrah, and has since undergone several transformations. However the show’s success just goes to prove why and how over a million attendees have so far packed out theatres UK wide.

Fabulously written and directed the story is hilarious, witty, touching and poignant, all in the same breath.

Pregnant Jane is getting ready for the most important day of her life, so she is whisked away for a hen party she’ll never forget with her sister Sarah, aunty Sue and best friend Nicola. Meanwhile stag Pete puts together the last touches of his raunchy strip show ‘Feast of Flesh’ with his best friend Tony.

Needless to say the party goes with a bang with revelations galore, with twists and turns in every direction. Girls Night Out explores the storylines from both points of view as the ladies reveal their stories on the dance floor of the strip club and the boys chat away in the comfort of the changing rooms. Teamed up with excellent choreography from Tracy Lane and pop hits including Take That, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson catering to everybody’s musical tastes, there’s literally something to quench your appetite.

In the end however, it came to four men in firefighters outfits stripping onstage, while an audience of over excited women scream, wolf whistle and heckle their way through the performance.

A thoroughly enjoyable night that will leave you rolling in the aisles, it’s a definite must for your next ‘girls night out.’

Girls Night Out runs at the Regent Theatre in Hanley until Saturday 17th July. Tickets are priced at £11.50 and can be obtained in advance from the Box Office on 08448 717 620. Concessions are available.

By Lyndsey Oliver


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