Laugh Out Loud Comedy Night, Regent Theatre – 17/7/2010

The Laugh Out Loud Comedy night made it’s second outing at The Britannia Suite in the Regent Theatre on Saturday night.

Compare Phil Ellis was first off the starting block and quickly got to work lightening up the audience with his unique brand of interaction. Armed with his trusty disposable camera he sneakily snaps members of the audience while managing to somehow ascertain what profession each person in the front row has, and how every couple met.

Brummie Andy White told stories of how he reveled being the first black his brother in law’s with hilarious consequences.

Wouter Meijs who’s ‘big in the Netherlands but even bigger in China’ got some of the biggest laughs of the night. While some of his jokes were a bit too blue to print, it’s safe to say his unique observational comedy was not only lighthearted but also well placed amongst the other acts.

Welsh star Noel James also provided a notable performance. “My full name is Infact Noel James, although I never pronounce the Infact,” he tells the giggling audience. Packed with an array of puns and amazing word play, his intelligent humour had everyone in stitches.

Headline act Alun Cochrane started his set by admitting he isn’t good at telling jokes, yet wraps up the evening with tales about heckled while running and his discovery of the mums night in.

Organiser Damion Larkin should give himself a well deserved pat on the back as he’s successfully bought the comedy back to Stoke.


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