Laugh Out Loud Comedy Night, The Regent Theatre, 29/05/2010

The Laugh Out Loud Comedy night made it’s debut in the city tonight at The Regent Theatre.

The comedy club was organised by Damion Larkin, an active comedian, who is hoping that the nights can become a regular event in the city.

With this in mind, a lot was hanging on the success of the first event, which was celebrated by three fantastic national comedians.

Local man Andy Kind was the evening’s compare, and was full of quips about the area, and filled his time with jokes relevant to everybody sitting in the audience. Mixed with his excellent improvisational skills and the rare comedic skill of keeping his entire set smut free. Since winning ‘Anything for Laffs’ in 2005, Andy has showcased exactly why he is constantly being described as one of the warmest and engaging compares in British Comedy.

Three comedians then took to the stage including Canadian (maple syrup licking) Tom Stade, burger van owner Angelos Epithemiou and the larger than life Greg Cook.

Tom was first up to the stage, which was probably a good thing considering how many drinks he’d had. With a flurry of anti terrorism jokes, a mention or two to audience member ‘Jim’ and a whole barrage of nonsensical yet hilarious jokes, he kept us laughing throughout the entirety of his set.

We were also treated to the delights of Shooting Stars comedian Angelos Epithemiou. As you’d imagine his kooky character bought a different brand of comedy to the evening. Boasting a trilogy of jokes, along with some unique musical interpretations, Angelos quickly became a new favourite of Stoke Gigs.

Finally the talented Greg Cook took to the stage. His deadpan wit and dry humour led to an explosion of laughs from the audience. It’s clear to us why the BBC have gone so far as to describe Greg as ‘Les Dawson for the 21st Century’.

There was also an impromptu appearance from Andy, a Liverpudlian 22 year old who took to the stage, and amazed us with the information that he was in fact not the 12 year old that we assumed him to be. Despite his 10 minute slot he made an impression on the packed room, that will probably last way into next week.

It seems that not only was the night a great success, but that it was just the event that the city has been crying out for. With this in mind we hail the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club, and welcome the next in what we hope will be a long love affair with comedy.

By Lyndsey Oliver

The next Laugh Out Loud Comedy night takes place at the Britannia Suite of The Regent Theatre on Saturday July 17th. Tickets are available here.


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