Red Eyes Of Russia, Fat Cat Cafe Bar, 15/04/2010

It’s taken fifteen months, a brand new drummer, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears but finally The Red Eyes of Russia are back tonight.

Tonight The Fat Cat Cafe bar was alight with the self marketed buzz the lads managed to generate. The media savvy band managed to not only stay in the limelight during their break but also they managed to bag a slot with the fantastic local metal band, Operation Error.

Showcasing their new drummer, Tim, the lads proved just why they’ve been rocking stages all over the country with their powerful live shows.

Their grunge/rock material perfectly displayed lead singer ‘Rufio’s’ amazing live voice, complemented by stomach churning riffs and energy infused drum beats.

Of course, those who were more familiar with the band noticed a couple of mistakes, with singer ‘Rufio’ himself telling Stoke Gigs, “there were bound to be a few, and once I’d made one it led to another because it’s all I could think about,” but in all honesty they were barely noticeable. Their stage presence was that of a far more established band enhanced by frequent banter with the crowd.

Meanwhile Operation Error played a blinding set themselves, having recently lost their drummer. They played a totally acoustic set. Although there were a couple of minor equipment failures, they remained professional throughout. They produced a completely different sounding sound than we were expecting to hear, and managed to pull off their set sounding much like a hybrid of Newton Faulkner and Nirvana.

Red Eyes of Russia are soon to be playing The Rigger’s rock weekender Mosh4Dosh on Saturday 24th April, alongside Nemo, Wasted Angels and Fury UK.

By Lyndsey Oliver



One Response to Red Eyes Of Russia, Fat Cat Cafe Bar, 15/04/2010

  1. sara933384 says:

    Looked brill!

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