Roughneck Riot, The Green Star, 16/07/2010

Celtic folk and punk mixed with the insanity of a street fight on St Patrick’s day. This is the best way that I could even attempt to describe the sound of the group of young musicians that took to the stage in front of a large following of skins, punks and rude boys and girls at The Green Star.

This was another superb offering from Punks Not Ted Promotions, who have over the last few months bombarded the area with quality old-fashioned punk and ska, and if their Facebook bulletins are to be believed, they still have many more up their sleeves for the future.

The venue was packed in anticipation of a night of ska from the seminal Chell Heath band The Rough Kutz, so the unusual sight of two young ladies carrying an accordion and banjo on stage, closely followed by the lead singer with what I believe was a Mandolin, did rather take me by surprise if I was to be totally honest.

This initial first impression was quickly destroyed within minutes of The Roughneck Riot exploding a sound that totally blew my head off. This was The Pogues, The Clash and Johnny Cash all thrown into a concrete mixer and brought up to date for a new generation.

This was nothing that I had expected to hear, but something I knew was going to win me over. I was soon dancing around to something that is hard to describe without hearing it.

I was informed by the promoter Lee Evans before the show kicked in that I would see something new and exciting today, and he wasn’t just talking hype (like us promoters do) he was actually describing exactly the buzz that is surrounding this young band from Warrington, and a following that is expanding with them wherever and whenever they play.

The band don’t just play the music, they act it. Jumping around the stage and battling for the microphones. It even left the stage at times and into the crowd, before returning to pogo around in circles to the beat.

This full sound combined with the energy and enthusiasm of young musicians that know they are destined for bigger things is sure to take them far, and I urge you get a small glimpse of what this band is all about before they get too big for Stoke and return to whatever planet they came from.

Roughneck Riot will be playing alongside Faintest Idea on July 22nd 2010 at The Red Lion in Burslem.

By Stephen Harvey


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