Sound Of Guns, The Sugarmill, 15/03/10

Liverpudlian rockers Sound Of Guns, sure have been busy bees lately.

Not only are they embarking on a nationwide tour, as well as filling up the pages of music press, but the lads have also managed to catch the attention of top Radio 1 DJ’s such as Zane Lowe and Steve Lamacq.

With all this aside, you’d think the band would be too busy to think about anything else, yet somehow the Indie rock hybrid have time to release their new single, ‘Alcatraz.’

Each of the band resemble someone from the who’s who list of modern rockers. The drummer straight out of a ‘Foo Fighters’ video, guitarists who resemble ‘Kings Of Leon’ roadies, and a frontman who looks like a cross between ‘The View’s’ Kyle Falconer and ‘The Kooks’ Luke Pritchard.

After being taken under the wing of the BBC introducing crowd, the band enjoyed playing Radio One’s Big Weekend last May, and since then it seems that practice has been the order of the day.

Whipping through their set, singles Architects and Alcatraz made appearances along with the likes of Lightspeed and closing track Magnesium Seas. The Sound Of Guns sound a whole lot more polished than they did this time last year, with their jumbled riffs coming together to create a whole more exciting sound, but there was something missing, audience interaction.

It was hard to pinpoint what it was, that kept the audience edging away from the stage, was it the lack of banter or the fact that everyone seemed to still be in work attire? Whichever reason, there’s one thing for certain, practice makes perfect, and by this time next year there will be a scrum for the dance floor.

By Lyndsey Oliver – review also published here



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