The Fortunas, The Sugarmill, 27/05/2010

Every waking minute of every single day since their conception has led to tonight. From their first rehersal to their first gig. From their first chord to their first completed song, The Fortunas have wanted this gig, and it shows.

For tonight is the bands debut headline gig at The Sugarmill, and with this comes a whole host of opportunities for the band.

Not long ago Stoke Gigs had the pleasure of tagging along with the band at their reherrsals at The Toilets in Stoke (that’s the rehersal studios, not the public convenience) and we quickly learned just how much the lads have developed since the last time we’d seen them in October 2009.

Tonight is no different. Despite playing old favourites, Mister Bagguley and Corteeners cover Not 19 Forever, the boys also showcase their new material such as the Artic Monkeys reminiscent Your Burning Eyes, and The Music inspired You Are The Light.

Not only has the band evolved enough so that lead singer Eliott Wilcox can display how much his voice has developed into a hardened indie anthemic showstopper, but it is the astonishing talent of the band that is truley amazing.

For us The Fortunas have evolved infront of our very eyes, and have developed a mature, musical experience that is not only perfected entirely but also worthy of many more headline slots to come.

By Lyndsey Oliver



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