The Midnight Lycan Party – The Midnight Lycan Party EP, Review

The Midnight Lycan Party are a local trio who have been making waves on the music scene having supported the likes of Towers Of London and Vile Imbeciles.

So what next for the lads? A brilliant new EP of course, packed to the rafters with 6 emotionally charged, riff driven songs.

The tracks lead you through the very darkest of places, like a proverbial trip through werewolf-infested woods during witching hour.

The first track, Howl, capitalizes on that very notion, injected with eerie sound effects; it’s dramatic, and easily the best on the EP. With a whiff of Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, teamed with the energy of the Gallows, each subsequent track offers something equally exciting, from the vocals displayed in Down By The River, to The Eye Of A Gun, which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Tarantino soundtrack.

With this new offering, the party has officially started.

By Lyndsey Oliver

The Midnight Lycan party’s self titled EP is back in stock. You can download it from here.


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