Stoke Gigs presents Quenched Unsigned

Quenched Music was formed by Danni Skerritt and Ben Tallon in the Autumn of 2008. After a brief spell under the umbrella of ‘Bad Man Behaviour;’ a writer/artist partnership, they decided to channel their efforts towards the music industry, pooling their wide range of creative skills together in order to offer new musical talent a strong, professional package through written media exposure and visual identity.

Ben Tallon is a freelance illustrator, designer and the creative director at Quenched. His international portfolio includes a wide range of clients including Channel 4, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Mix Mag and Manchester United among many others. Represented exclusively by Illustration Limited, his style is super-edgy and ever evolving.

Ben works with a wide range of creative professionals to perfect each individual visual Identity.

From a very young age Danni Skerritt, international and award winning writer, has been obsessed with music. His first three gigs were Michael Jackson, Iron Maiden and Bob Dylan, which from this age enabled him not to be restrained by genre these were the moments that sparked off his love affair with Music. There was no surprise then since moving from London to Manchester he has been on a quest to find new fresh original ways of musical expression.

Not only does Quenched offer music news and reviews, biographies and artwork for artists to get more exposure, but they also offer a wealth of information such as PR work, and legal advice.

Snowballing in success, the brand has been approached by North Manchester FM, where they pick two unsigned artists a week to play. The radio station has a potential audience of 170,000, so Quenched hope that they get to not only promote their own work, but also that of unsigned artists. If you’re interested in taking part then email your tracks in an MP3 format to .

Their written work has been published in many magazines as well as online, with their art work being used by some top artists and the team are building a thriving reputation as a credible industry resource.

Despite their Mancunian connections however, the team are beaming a spotlight on Stoke’s own music scene, and are encouraging bands from the local area to contact them should they require their services.

Let us know if you’ve used quenched or if you would like to know more about it either via comment or email.


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